Organized Workshop: Enabling GDPR Compliance @ eDeomcracy 2019, December 12, 2019 in Athens

The BPR4GDPR project has organized the workshop:

Enabling GDPR Compliance: Business Process Re-engineering methodologies and functional data privacy toolkits to support organisational GDPR Compliance

together with the eDemocracy 2019 International Conference in Athens on Thursday December 12th 2019. The workshop was very-well visited (more than 65 participants) and was a successful event for exchanging experiences and knowledge related to GDPR compliance among academics, SMEs and legal entities interested in the topic. Please find below an overview of the program.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

13:30 – 15:30 / Part 1: Enabling GDPR Compliance

Chairs: Dr. Georgios V. Lioudakis, Dr. Lorenzo Bracciale, Dr. Marwan Hassani

  • “When the GDPR met the ISO 27001”
    Anastasopoulos, G. Vareltzis
  • “Cloud Computing Framework for e-Health Security Requirements & Security Policy Rules Case Study: European Cloud-based Health System
    D. Georgiou, C. Lambrinoudakis
  • “Anonymization and GDPR”
    M. Terrovitis
  • “CoProtect: Collaborative Management of Cryptographic Keys for Data Security in Cloud Systems”
    Bracciale, P. Loreti, E. Raso, M. Naldi, G. Bianchi
  • “The Principle of Consent under the GDPR”
    L. Veneri

16:00 – 17:30 / Part 2: Enabling GDPR Compliance

Chairs: Dr. Georgios V. Lioudakis, Dr. Lorenzo Bracciale, Dr. Marwan Hassani

  • “Towards Engineering GDPR-compliant Business Processes”
    Koukovini, E. Papagiannakopoulou, G. V. Lioudakis
  • “Process Mining Enabling GDPR Compliance: The Right to be Forgotten as a Use Case”
    R. Zaman, M. Hassani
  • “On Handling Data Minimization for Business Processes: A Preliminary Study”
    I. Besik

Panel: Summary of findings and general Discussion on GDPR Compliance

Moderator: G. Lioudakis, Panelists: all speakers


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