E Government Center for Social Security Services S.A. (IDIKA)

IDIKA S.A is a public owned IT company supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Social Solidarity. IDIKA S.A. was established in 1969 (prior called K.H.Y.K.Y.) and serves as the IT solution provider for Social Security & Welfare but also for the Healthcare Domain. Its main objective is to design, develop, operate and support IT systems for the Social Security Funds (social security contribution, pensions etc.) and HealthCare Service Organizations in Greece.

IDIKA S.A is staffed with qualified personnel with a broad experience in Information Technologies. Its main activities focus on: service-oriented computing, development/maintenance of electronic services in the area of Social Security and Health with the better exploitation of NSRF 2007-2013, 2014-2021 resources, modernization and updating of Social Security Funds’ software applications. IDIKA SA is responsible/runs some of the biggest national projects in the IT area and more precisely:

  • Social Security Number AMKA registry, a web based application that provide to insured persons with a unique number (over 10M records cleared up and related to Police ID or Passport No and Taxis VAT No)
  • National ePrescription/eDispensation system in Greece with >98% coverage of private pharmacies and doctors.
  • National Appointment Management System-eRDV for Primary HealthCare and Hospitals
  • The Electronic Healthcare Record for Primary Healthcare (Patient Summary, Patient Consent Module, Patient Access Module)
  • the Hospital Information system (HIS) installed in 14 public hospitals in Greece
  • a centralized solution for Hospital Management (+LIS/RIS) – an ERP installed centrally to a Datacenter and access remotely through 31 hospitals all over Greece
  • National Registry for Insured Persons and Insurance History and capacity “ATLAS” – an integrated IT system which gathers all information about the insurance history and capacity of insured persons.

In the cross border domain, IDIKA acts as both the National Contact Point for eHealth (NCPeH) and Social Security (EESSI Access Point). Through the CEF funding it currently implements the Cross Border ePrescription and Patient Summary scenarios to go live mid 2018 and mid 2019 respectively. IDIKA also participates to the “Transformation of Greek e-Gov services to eIDAS Crossborder Services” project with the aim to connect different healthcare and social security services to eIDAS node.