Steinbeis Enterprise Information Management (STW)

Steinbeis Enterprise Information Management was founded by the regional government of Baden-Wurttemberg in 1971 in order to support local SMEs in technology transfer and innovation. The operation unit for this purpose in the areas of management consulting, R&D, training and education. Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer. Steinbeis provides a direct link between customers and leading experts in a variety of specialist fields, safeguarding transfer from research and development, consulting, expert evaluation, and training and education. Central to all projects we work on: the success of our clients, co-workers and partners. The Steinbeis brand has stood for the successful transfer and sharing of know-how and technology for over 30 years. Steinbeis builds made-to-last bridges between the source of knowledge and the area of application. This is because Steinbeis employees are at home at both ends of the bridge. At Steinbeis, the focus during all projects lies in the tangible benefit for clients or the business partner. Steinbeis operates independently of state backing, always adhering to market rules with all the services it provides. The organizational foundation of our success is based on entrepreneurial transfer processes for which we assume personal responsibility, underpinned by decentralized operations that are coordinated through a centralized framework. Steinbeis has developed into an international network spanning roughly 1,000 transfer enterprises). In 2016, STC realized more than 22.000 projects with approx. 11.000 customers; the turnover reached some 150 million Euro in nearly all fields of technology and innovation. This network encompasses 6,000 experts, each contributing to our network with their specialist knowledge and working on individual challenges in interdisciplinary teams to genuinely add value and thus facilitate the success of Steinbeis.

Steinbeis offers technology and management competence from a single source across a unique spectrum of fields, making its services available to partners and clients of all sizes in all kinds of areas. In doing so, it acts as a troubleshooter or service provider in the fields of consulting, research and development, training and continuing professional development.