Innovazioni Tecnologiche (INNO)

Innovazioni Tecnologiche deals on Software Engineering & Outsourcing: developing smart and high quality software applications specifically target to SMEs.

It is a new company, founded in 2018,  whose workgroup is composed of qualified and reliable ICT experienced employees, such as software analysts, technical programmers, database administrators, network administrators, and graphic developers,  that allows the company to provide a wide range of IT solution in the field of  Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, IoT, IT Security & GDPR, Mobile Application, API, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Semantic Web / NLP.

Innovazioni Tecnologiche provides software solutions to very demanding customers in business industries like logistics & transport, manufacturing & distribution, food & related services, real estate, business & consulting services.

Skills, professionalism, goals, team working, together with more of 20 years of experience in software engineering experience of the founders, allows Innovazioni Tecnologiche S.r.l. to plan and implement the most ambitious and innovative IT solutions, with the goal of providing a high added value (sales, profitability, performance) to their own customers.