Benefits and Impact

BPR4GDPR adopts a holistic approach for GDPR compliance, addressing the requirements during different operational phases. In this context, BPR4GDPR will facilitate the enforcement of appropriate organisational and technical measures required for data protection, by automating several aspects of “compliance engineering”. To this end, it will be based on a number of enabling pillars:

  • Comprehensive security and data protection policies
  • Incorporation of policies into process models
  • Automatic process models re-engineering in terms of compliance-aware verification and transformation
  • Tools for facilitating run-time compliance enforcement
  • Process mining for the identification of compliance discrepancies and discovery of organisational prrocedures

As such, BPR4GDPR is expected to be a project with high impact. The proposal is in fact fully aligned with the impact expectations of DS-08-2016 call as follows:

Support for Fundamental Rights in Digital Society

BPR4GDPR is focused exactly on the protection of a fundamental human right: privacy. Indeed, from a philosophical perspective, the notion of privacy has broad historical roots; for instance, consider Aristotle’s distinction between the public sphere o...

Increased Trust and Confidence in the Digital Single Market

As the global economy is rapidly becoming digital, ICT is no longer a sector but the foundation of innovative economic systems. These changes bring immense opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs and, therefore, the European Commission has identified...

Increase in the use of privacy-by-design principles in ICT systems and services

BPR4GDPR will providing a holistic, yet modular, solution supporting privacy-by-design throughout the entire lifecycle of an organisational process, based collectively on innovative approaches. In fact, BPR4GDPR is a project that has been conceived on...