WP4: Privacy-aware process re-engineering

This WP will provide the means for privacy-aware process engineering and re-engineering. To this end it will provide a process management tool that will allow building applications natively consistent with legal provisions, offering at the same time the highest level of transparency by automating the fulfilment of the requirements for compliance to a great extent. The tool will be embodied with functionalities for the automatic and transparent verification and adaptation of processes, as well as process discovery and mining tools, aiming at automated process generation and adaptability.

Role of participants

The AIS group TU/e is participating with is widely recognized as the strongest BPM group in the world, developing innovative process mining and conformance checking techniques. In that respect, TUE will lead this WP and be the key contributor for developing process mining techniques, thus leading T4.3, contributing also to the specification of the Compliance Metamodel and the development of mechanisms for process verification and transformation. ABOVO will leverage its experience in process management systems and its products for security and privacy by design; thus ABOVO will lead Task 4.1 for the specification of Regulation-aware processes on the basis of a compliance metamodel, as well as Task 4.2, specifying and developing a process verification and adaptation mechanism for achieving security and privacy by design. CAS will closely follow and support the activities of this WP with the view to integrating its results into its products.


The objective of this Work Package is the specification and implementation of the BPR4GDPR process re-engineering framework towards full BPM life-cycle support. This objective can be analysed in the following:

  • Definition of the Compliance Metamodel
  • Specification and implementation of the process validation methodology
  • Methodology and tools for the realisation of the re-engineered processes and their overall incorporation in their operational context, achieving sustainability and adaptability.
  • Specification and implementation of process discovery and mining tools, aiming at automated process generation and adaptability.